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Our Financial Plan

Imagine for a moment…

With debt paid off, we will suddenly have $141,000 added to our yearly budget. With our minimum payments we are currently making, we are scheduled to be finished with our debt by January of 2026.

Imagine having a major portion of this as BUDGETED money to go straight to local individual and family needs, both inside and outside the church. Think about the physical impact we can have for Christ in our communities.

Imagine another major portion of this BUDGETED as more support for missions, and also specifically for starting one (or even two?!) long-term overseas missions partnerships… 2-3 mission trips to support this partnership every single year.

Imagine building a modest education building for Bible Studies and to double or triple the size of our Parents Day Out program, which already impacts over 70 children and their families. Robin, our PDO director, gets calls and emails every week asking if there are openings.

Imagine being so committed to training and sending missionaries, church planters, ministers, and pastors through internship programs, and having the money to support planting a sister church in a community or neighborhood that needs a church, OR helping to revitalize a church that needs it!


Step 1 (see graphic at bottom): By God’s grace, we have completed it! We are now living within the means that God has so graciously provided. We also have a completely exhaustive budget that will help guide expenditures throughout the year, ensuring that we make the most of every dollar God provides for ministry!

When will we move on to Step 2? We want to see the church finances be stable for at least a year before we start considering an in-house campaign of sorts to retire debt. We have been this way for about 6-8 months already! Please, pray for the elders, in particular, as they seek God’s will in when to start discussing this!

2017 Budget

Year Need: $325,492

Monthly Need: $27,025

Weekly Need: $6,260


Personnel: $104,572 (32%)

  • Full-Time: Lead Pastor
  • Part-Time: Student Director, Children’s Director, Worship Leader, Office Administrator, Financial Secretary

Building, Maintenance, Office: $196,020 (60.2%)

  • Office Expenses: $9,960 (3%)
  • Utilities: $19,920 (3%)
  • Building Debt: $141,000 (43.3%)
  • Janitorial, Maintenance, Insurance, Groundskeeping: $25,140 (7.7%)

Ministries: $6,000 (1.8%)

  • Children’s, Youth, Worship, Outreach, and Fellowship Ministries
  • Note: There are Special Designated funds to spend on Outreach also

Missions: $18,900 (5.8%)

  • Individual Missionary Families, Bible School in Indonesia

1. Pray.

Pray that as we embark on really leveraging our finances for God’s glory, we do NOT get so distracted by money and our financial goals that we forget our main goal, which has little to do with money: building each other up with the Word of God and using our spheres of influence to reach people for Christ! Then, yes, pray also that God do as he wishes with our finances!

2. Ask.

Ask questions about our budget, about where we’re at, about where “extra” money goes, about anything that comes to mind! You can ask any elder, or email Pastor Ryan at Ryan@raintreechurch.com.

3. Give (3 options).

  1. Give on Sundays during our offering time (cash or check).
  2. Give online by visiting RaintreeChurch.com and clicking the “Online Giving” button.
  3. Give by texting any amount to 816-226-4465. (There will be a one-time registration)