Students (6th-12th)

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We are so glad you’re visiting our our student webpage! Below you can find info on our weekly activities as well as events we have coming up!

Our goal at Raintree Students is to help families love God together by discipling students, and by providing resources, encouragement, equipping, and love to parents, to help them as the primary disciple-makers in their families.

Please feel free to email the youth director Drew Erickson at

we hope to see the whole family soon!


To help you find us on a Wednesday or Sunday here is a “tour” of how to get to the youth room:



  • 9:00-10:00 am in the Youth Room!
  • Fun, Bible Study, and Friends

On different occasions on Wednesday night’s particularly we have our adult student leaders drive students to different homes or locations and we would like to get your permission as well as get medical and contact information in case of emergencies. Please fill out this online form by going HERE. Thank you

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